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Smartphone Review : LG KM900 Arena

Written By Kaisar Woll on 2009/04/27 | Monday, April 27, 2009

The LG Arena incorporates a proprietary operating system completely designed by LG. The tested model is customized by SFR, and most online media services are set according to supply that operator.

The grip of the camera is good. The LG Arena is built with quality materials, all giving an impression of solidity.

The right portion of LG Arena reveals two buttons for adjusting the sound, and a button to capture images,
the left-hand shows a sliding cover to connect the USB cable or charger,
the top shows the "ON / OFF" button to open the hull rear and a 3.5 mm jack (a first for LG).

The hull contains rear view photo and flash,
before the hull incorporates the magnificent display of the LG Arena, microphone and earpiece, optics for video, and virtual three buttons at the bottom of the screen: stall / hang up and shortcuts to access menus.

At power up, the magnificent display of lights LG Arena.

The home screen is constructed in the form of a cube with four sides, with the front on the shortcut menu positioned by SFR, then "three other side" which pivot by dragging his finger on the screen horizontal:

- Screen messaging shortcuts to Mail, SMS, voicemail and clock,
- Screen customizable with the contacts list (selected by the user contacts Favorites)
- Screen with customizable Photo Gallery (selected by the user of favorite photos).

Each home screen shows on the bottom of the screen four keys virtual shortcut menus to the keyboard (to dial a phone number), to the contacts list, messaging to and from the main menu.

The main menu consists of 32 icons, in four categories: Communication, Multimedia, Utilities and Settings.

When the LG Arena is set in portrait mode, each section shows four icons, simply scroll through each line of icon using the finger to show the next four.
When the LG Arena is set in landscape mode, the 32 main menu icons are displayed.


The LG Arena allows you to manage messaging Email. Setting an Email done by selecting the "Message" box located in the cluster "Settings."

Many options are available when setting up an account Email: Include original message in response, recovery Automatic Email and setting the recovery interval E.mail, adding a signature ....

Email recovery is quite simple. However, a bad surprise was found.
During the first recovery of E. Mail, only 300 emails have been recovered (those received until 03/02/2009 and earlier), but it is not the last 300 messages received in this box E.mail .
In addition, every attempt to retrieve the new E-Mail (even after just emptied the inbox), the same error message appears: "E.mail saturated.

The only good thing about the box E. Mail: ergonomics E.mail display, which is very well designed and quite pleasing to the eye.

Entering an email using the keyboard is quite efficient:
When you are in entry mode and the LG Arena is in portrait mode, a numeric keypad (not practical to use) appears.
When rocking the LG Arena in landscape mode, an alphanumeric keyboard appears.
The seizure is made with the fingers, and requires a little practice and some dexterity for large fingers. A micro vibration is felt in every input character.
The screen of the LG Arena as sensitive (such as the Apple iPhone) and therefore not touch, no need to use a stylus or other object at the end rather thin, since the screen will not react.

Entering SMS operates on the same principle as the seizure of mail.

Selecting a contact from the phone book to select recipients of the message is no problem (exit the many problems on the LG Renoir).

Creating and sending MMS done quite simply. Pictures taken with the camera are resized when you send in order to reduce the size.

Web browser

The LG Arena can view all types of websites. Viewing websites in landscape mode is more comfortable because of the width of the screen.
Moving in a web page done by dragging a finger on the screen, and extension is performed using the two fingers, just like on the iPhone thanks to the multi-screen of the LG Arena.

Each site can be viewed as saved favorites.

The larger sites are displayed in the form of RSS feeds, layout and frames are displayed fairly skinned, which is a plus for readability

The presence of a Wi-Fi chip allows you to browse faster and more economically on the web.


The reader of audio files, images, video and other
The LG Arena allows playback of many formats of image files, audio, video, but also the office documents.

Play audio files:

Audio titles available can be viewed from the menu "Music".

Selecting a title will show a small window very simple and most beautiful effect in the middle of the playlist: the title name is displayed in large, the cover of the title is displayed in the form of a disc , next to which the name of the artist and album are displayed.

A small icon at any time to activate or deactivate playback in Dolby Stereo. This method allows in theory a better quality listening to music ... and in practice, it really is, even with the maximum mode loudspeaker.
Indeed, on all mobiles tested so far, the speakers have tended to crachouiller from a certain volume. The LG Arena is not subject to this type of problem.
The sound is good and fluid playing the kit with a pedestrian iPhone 3G (no pedestrian kit was available with the model test).

Another very significant, incorporates the LG Arena at the top of its hull jack 3.5 mm, which allows you to connect most of the helmets of the market, avoiding this time to the drags adapter that LG tedious us previously imposed on all other models.

Reading image files:

Titles photos are accessible from the menu "Gallery".

Photos can be viewed as thumbnails, slideshow, gallery or full screen (by dragging them horizontally using the finger).

Ergonomically and visually speaking, this application is very successful and very pleasant to use.

Play video files:

Titles may be viewed from the sub-menu "My Documents".

At the launch of a video, the content is displayed by default in a tiny window in the middle of the screen. Then free the user to enlarge the image using a window control.

The LG Arena can view videos correctly, especially in landscape mode, and provided they have good size the size of the screen image.

Unlike the LG Renoir, the LG Arena is not playing video encoded in AVI format. C'est dommage.

The internal memory and MicroSD card reader LG Arena can store many files.

Reading office files:

Reading office files is supported by the LG Arena.
The visualization of all types of documents is very well supported, even PowerPoint files, which is rare enough on a smartphone to be reported.

FM radio

The LG Arena includes an FM radio that works quite well. The radio can be listened to with the kit man, or speakerphone.
The RDS function is apparently not integrated. C'est dommage.
Ergonomically speaking, this application is well designed and very enjoyable to use.
Unlike the Samsung Player Pixon, there is no search function by the name of a title from a musical or even save the radio. This small addition would have been appreciated.

The camera

With a 5 Mpixels for camera with autofocus, digital zoom, ....

Access to the image capture is made the selection of the "Camera" He can then choose between camera and video camera.

Capture photos:
Taking photos is done by positioning the LG Arena in portrait or landscape mode, the icons visible on the screen to make adjustments and capture adapt depending on the orientation of the mobile.

Ownership when the catch is good.

An icon of a satellite indicates that there is way géoétiquetage photos, it's - to - say that the GPS will be recorded in the photo file (interesting for fans of Google Earth).

Many options are available and effects when taking a photo.

The quality of pictures is generally quite good in a sufficiently informed of the details of the captured and the colors are fairly well recovered.
For against, in an environment with low lighting, the photos are a bit noisy.

Video Capture:

The LG Arena allows capturing video in 3GP format only, which is somewhat surprising, given that its predecessor, the LG Renoir also captured in AVI format.
However, the quality of videos is rather surprising given the encoding format used: rendering on the screen of the LG Arena is good enough, but viewed on a PC, the visual quality of video decreases.

Link to the captured video in 3GP format

Java applications

The LG Renoir has a Java engine that allows the operation of many applications and games in trial version.

Three games come standard: flywheels, Roulette and Tepong mania.

The LG Arena being tested customized by SFR, some of the applications are those of the operator (Vodafone Live, My email, my voicemail, my content, ...).

Other applications may be installed.

The synchronization of data, phone book and calendar
The contacts, calendar, notes and contacts managed in Microsoft Outlook on a PC could not be synchronized with the LG Arena. When connecting with a PC, the "LG PC Suite II" tried to download the driver of the LG Arena online, but the recovery of this information has failed. No timing has been made.


Since they can not sync my contacts with my PC, all the cards contacts on my Nokia N96 (about 550 contacts) were sent via Bluetooth to the LG Arena. The transfer went well, all elements of contact cards have been recovered, including the photos associated with contacts.

Agenda, Notes and Tasks:

Synchronization with MS Outlook calendar, notes and tasks has not been tested.

Other features

The LG Arena includes "extras": a calculator, converter units, management of time zones, a stopwatch, ... and an FM transmitter.

The latter application allows to play music on one or more other devices, from an FM frequency band informed about the sending device, which can be read on any device located nearby, by filling the same frequency radio.
The result is very nice, but the quality of listening to music on the device type is not famous.

The LG Arena includes a Bluetooth 2.1 chip. The Bluetooth application allows sending and receiving information quickly and easily, as the connection with other devices with the same technology.

The presence of a wireless chip is useful when one wishes to send or receive files or large files, or surf the web without exploding the data plan.

Enabling or disabling Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is done by selecting a virtual button "ON / OFF which is not very convenient to use.

Technical characteristics:

HSDPA, Bluetooth 2.1 and WiFi
Screen 3 "LCD, multi touch-points
TFT 16 million colors
Predictive text SMS
Unit converters
World Clock
SMS 500
1000 directory names
Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900
Internal User Memory 7.5 GB
Autonomy Standby / Call (2G): 250 hours / 4heures
Possibility to add external memory up to 32GB Micro SDHC
Battery 1000 mAh
Size 105.9 x 55.3 x 11.95 mm
Weight 108 grams
Photo Effects Mode Autofocus
5MP resolution - VGA
Digital zoom x4
Video streaming / video telephony / video messaging
Learn Downloads Support MPEG4, H.263, H264, Xvid & DivX Play DVD resolution (720 x 480 @ 30fps)
Dolby mobile developed in collaboration with Mr. Mark Levinson.
FM radio.
FM Transmitter to connect wirelessly to the car via the airwaves.
3.5 mm jack
HSDPA internet connection and WiFi.
Push mail via Active Sync.
Mac via iSync compatibility


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    I think they got there idea for the look form the iphone, it is way close.

  2. Turtle Says4:34 PM

    I have the LG KM900 ARENA - it's the best phone in the world, i have had it for 2 weeks now and i love it to bits

    Its my iphone killer .. for sure.

    I can say 1 million great things about this phone but only a couple of bad things.

    Bad things are - no Xenon flash - led not bright enough.

  3. Mohit Jain6:31 PM

    I think ever since the launch of the iPhone every other company is just playing catch up.

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  4. balisugar9:23 PM

    How much are they ? >:o

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  5. Arizona Business Blog1:26 AM

    Good to see a complete phone. Iphones are cool and what not but the simple fact that they designed that phone and you can't even open picture mail right up just blows my mind. Phone looks great and I look forward to learning more.

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  6. Master Pick Up Arts10:11 AM

    it is a nice phone . thank for giving us an info It will be the one of my choices in buying a phone. :)

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  7. 英語学習10:40 AM

    The phone is nice, but problem is I have to make a contract to get it cheap. I hate phone companies!

  8. buJaNG8:58 AM

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    Is that expensive? but, the model looks like iphone

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    I love the LG range of phones. Of course as you might expect my particular favorites are the pink ones :)

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    I just got a Blackberry Storm phone and I am just getting used to the click screen interface. I wonder if I have made a mistake. This looks a pretty good phone.

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    I would really like to get this phone. I know a bunch of people with the iPhone which is really cool, but I get sick of the "image" that the iPhone demands. I prefer to use a similar phone that I don't have to be a rich yuppie to use.

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  24. Wow. Very nice phone. I love all of its details:the style, the durability, the components, multimedia, etc. The texture is also great. I hope this doesn't cost that much. Way to go LG!


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