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File Extension SIS for Your Mobile Application

Written By Kaisar Woll on 2009/04/24 | Friday, April 24, 2009

If you have cellular phone with Symbian operating system, i'm sure you have familier with the file extension SIS. SIS is acronym that stand for Symbian Installation Source, or with the other word SIS file is installation file for Symbian OS (mostly used by Nokia cellphone and PDA's).

File extension SIS contain application files and install scripts that define the way applications are installed on a Symbian powered mobile phones. In order to open these files they should be copied over to the phone.

Application that associated with file extension SIS is, of course, Symbian OS. As you know, Symbian OS is the market leading open operating system for advanced data-enabled mobile phones licensed by the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturers. It is designed for the specific requirements of advanced 3G mobile phones and beyond. Symbian OS combines the power of an integrated applications environment with mobile telephony, bringing advanced data services to the mass market.

If you need more information about File Extension SIS, including how to fix this file errors, you should go to www.fileextension.net. They provide comprehensive information about this file format.


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