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Scare your friends with WoooYou for iphone

Written By Kaisar Woll on 2009/08/05 | Wednesday, August 05, 2009

We continue to talk about the applications for iphone and the latest news in App Store.
The shop in fact gives us the ability to access an application designed to scare our friends fifoni with more sounds and more in our iphone: Wooo You

The application in question in fact emit a sound when it has the effect of scaring our friends. Recently the developers of this software have also developed a version that can send updates through push notifications to frighten our contacts victims.

The operation of this program is very essential: Just then start the iphone application between two: one with Wooo! You for posting the news, and one with Woo! Button to receive notification.

Immediately following will be playing audio should then scare the person to whom we send a notification.

An application thus not useful for work every day, but fun for those who want to laugh with friends.


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  2. haha that is pretty cool :D... wish you posted some of the audio...

  3. I really like this one. This is what I've been waiting for.

  4. Hehe~ you're right. It's not very useful. But pranksters will surely have a ball using this app on their friends. :D

  5. This post was very well written, and it also contains many useful facts. I enjoyed your professional way of writing this post. Thanks!


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