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Isea swim assured with iphone

Written By Kaisar Woll on 2009/08/05 | Wednesday, August 05, 2009

So we arrived in August and the "usual" holiday at the sea of people who can stop work for a limited period before you get back "at work" after the holidays.

So for those who intend to achieve this seaside resort outside of those where it is, I recommend that you use an application just released for iphone: Isea.

Isea is a completely free application that lets you know the situation of all Italian seas with respect to the bathing areas.

The information you give Isea are very simple, but essential for our use: the application will allow us to know it in two large sections of the areas where you can swim and areas where it is not granted.

Isea is a useful application (especially in this period) free of charge to view the situation of the Italian seas on the areas awarded the Blue Flag and the ones for which no bathing.

The "blue flags" instead contains a list of all the seas and beaches clean and beautiful in our country, approved by the Minister of Health.

If you have this intention, therefore, I recommend you leave absolutely download this application totally free on App Store.


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