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Tabbee Orange : The touch screen multimedia

Written By Kaisar Woll on 2009/06/25 | Thursday, June 25, 2009

In fact, the name should be Tabbee by Orange Valley! It is indeed Orange Valley, the subsidiary that aims to develop and market the most innovative R & D de France Télécom, which comes out Tabbee, a touch screen multimedia for the home. I took delivery a few days and I'll give you my impressions. First, a word about the characteristics of the machine.

Tabbee Specification:

• 7 inch touch screen (17.7 cm)
• Resolution, 800 x 480 (Wide VGA)
• Battery / autonomy up to 30 hours standby and 3 hours in use
• Wi-Fi
• 1 USB 2.0 port
• SD card reader
• 2 speakers x 2 W and dock with subwoofer
• GNU / Linux, Opera Mobile browser

Not much this side of flamboyant, but we must recognize that the machine is well finished, nice to handle. It feels a little weight 600grammes, but the grip is good. The machine is fine, less than 2 cm. The touch screen, classic, can be used with the stylus provided, as in finger. To navigate between menus, the finger is sufficient, but in the browser, it is more comfortable with the stylus. You can connect USB or memory card into the slots provided. To recharge the Tabbee, a dock is provided, ingenious idea, the base has amplified speakers with a good quality rather than to listen to the radio or music.

Tabbee interface

Tabbee is a multimedia touch pad connected to family-oriented. The idea is not to make a Archos to wander away from home, but to remain in the home with remote access to its media and Internet, under WiFi coverage. In this regard, note that Tabbee works with all operators and their box, there is bound to Orange from this point of view. Tabbee operates between 2 modes, the mode and mode widget interface. The idea of widgets, in addition to being very fashionable 2.0, is good, but the implementation and especially the use less, because the widgets are quite impressive, and a screen of 800 * 480, it is difficult to have more than two on the screen without any overlap. A point to review! Let's use of the tablet.

With Tabbee, you can:

- Access to the Internet in a browser-based mobile operator.
- Go to your photos, music and movies DLNA
- Listen to Webradios
- Watch the chains of your bouquet ADSL
- Accessing and configure the information in the form of widgets

That is what I actually done with everyday and it gives an idea of using the machine for a more team;

- Breakfast; listening to the radio, web session in the morning to read the news, on the Tabbee on its base
- Surf from the couch, how nice touch for the consultation, less for the seizure
- Listening to music on its base
- In standby use photo frame
- Test streaming video of my films and series after configuration DLNA sharing files on my PC. 3 clicks in Media Player and Tabbee "see" my files in its playlist! Even external subtitles are read.


  1. Pertamax...
    comment first, read belakangan. hehe...

  2. Looks awesome, would you recommend this over the iTouch?

  3. great gads.. loved it!

  4. Nice posting.
    good information about tabbee orange.

    How much it's cost ?

  5. wow....amazing multimedia...how about the price? :p

  6. so cool, design is really amazing. i like it

  7. simple, attractive and goog looking. a great combination from one gadget

  8. ugh.... i really want it, but that must be expensive

  9. it's simple but powerfull.

  10. Wew.. it's exciting, do you have the price info?

  11. Orange’s Tabbee will be available in France during Q2, priced at €299 (£272/$402). A UK launch date or price hasn’t been given. Worldwide, maybe must wait longer..

  12. This an awesome gadget and i really want to have this one...

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  16. i really want to have this one...

  17. nice post.. I'll be waiting for the next article

  18. nice post.. I'll be waiting for the next article
    so cool, design is really amazing, i really want it, but that must be expensive

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