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Nokia Smartphone N97 Complete Review

Written By Kaisar Woll on 2009/06/29 | Monday, June 29, 2009

Announced on the eve of Christmas to everyone's surprise, the Nokia N97 fuels for many passionate discussions on various internet sites and forums, as the interest in Nokia is great. Distributed in very limited quantities by Phone House since the second half of June.

Successor to the highly innovative and revolutionary Nokia N95, the excellent Nokia N95 8GB and the Nokia N96 very disappointing, the expectations placed on the Nokia N97 by technophiles are very large, as the promises made by this smartphone are promising.

Nokia N97 maybe the first smartphone Scandinavian brand to be compatible with the service platform "OVI", a "made in iTunes Nokia" whose official launch has been announced with the release of the N97, to complement the commercial offer around the different ranges of mobile manufacturer.


Sliding screen tilt
Dimensions: 117.2 x 55.3 x 15.9 mm
Weight: 150 grams
Touchscreen 3.5 "(640 x 360 pixels) that displays up to 16.7 million colors
Proximity sensor
Ambient light sensor
Li-Ion Battery 1500 mAh BP-4L
Talk time: up to 570 minutes
Stand-by time: up to 430 hours
Self-mode video playback: up to 5.5 hours
Self-mode Music Playback: up to 40 hours
Quad-band GSM 850/900/1800/1900
Flight mode
Data Network
GPRS class A, multislot class 32
WCDMA, speed up to 3.6 Mbps
HSDPA, maximum speed up to 3.6 Mbps
WLAN IEEE 802.11b / g speed up 11Mbps/54Mbps
Sliding full keyboard
Slot for microSD memory card (up to 16 GB)
Internal Memory: 32 GB
Bluetooth version 2.0 with EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)
TV Prize
Supports synchronizing local and remote SyncML
USB 2.0 high speed with micro-USB connector
3.5 mm AV connector
Customizable home screen
Software platform and user interface: S60 5th edition
Personal data management (PIM)
Detailed contact information
To-do list
E-mail (SMTP, IMAP4, POP3), MMS, SMS, unified Print
Viewing attachments -. Doc,. Xls,. Ppt,. Pdf
Mail for Exchange
Data: calendar, contacts, to-do list, E-mail
PC applications: Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus Organizer, Lotus Notes
Personal data management (PIM)
Search content in the phone and Internet search
Quickoffice (Quickword, Quickpoint, Quicksheet)
Adobe PDF viewer
Personalize with themes, ringtones, applications
Portrait and landscape mode, with transitions through the sliding screen or automatic rotation controlled by the accelerometer
Wizard Settings
Application for transfer of data for transfer of PIM information from other compatible Nokia devices
Nokia Software Updater to update the software on the Internet for preserving user data
FOTA (applying software update via OTA) for updates direct to the phone via WLAN or 3G
Full web browsing on webpages
Web browsing with touch screen
Markup languages supported: HTML, XHTML MP, WML, CSS
Supported protocols: HTTP v1.1, WAP
Supports TCP / IP
Visual history, support for HTML and JavaScript, support for Flash video and Flash Lite 3.0

Power-up shows a beautiful large screen 3.5''!

The splash screen shows for the first time on a Nokia mobile, a number of widgets that require the most data connection, so that the information displayed can be downloaded and updated. Other available information: a shortcut to four contacts, four applications, the date, time, the network operator and the reception quality of the network, the battery gauge, the active mode, and three shortcut buttons at the bottom of screen keyboard, options and contacts. Note that the 4 contacts positioned shortcuts are positioned at the top of the list when we enter the contacts list of the Nokia N97.

The sliding of the screen is done by positioning the N97 in horizontal, and then pushing the top to reveal the alphanumeric keypad. The sliding is quite frank and dry, the mechanism seems solid and well designed. In the open position, the upper part is inclined about 45 °, and the screen went in landscape mode. The various widgets visible on the home screen is a true dashboard for the user. The whole is aesthetically and functionally speaking very successful.

One touch "real" is available on the upper part of the Nokia N97: it allows access to the main menu.
The main menu is broadly in line with that of its predecessors (it is composed of twelve icons) and a new icon "Store OVI" was inserted.
Navigating through menus and sub - menus is fairly fluid, and response times are generally rather fast.
Navigating through menus is not always very intuitive, even for a veteran of the mark, you'll quickly friends order. In addition, icons can be moved from one screen to another, or within the same menu.

The test focused on the main functions of the Nokia N97:
• The Internet and the management of E. Mail
• Playback of audio files, video and radio
• Taking pictures and video,
• The GPS function,
• Managing files
• Synchronizing with a PC,
• Java applications, OVI
• Other communication functions

1 - Internet and E-Mail Management

The Nokia N97 enables Web browsing and managing multiple email accounts.


Setting the data account to navigation has apparently done all alone, when I inserted my bullet Orange. I have not even been in the connection menu to get it work. Viewing web pages, available in portrait or landscape mode is very convincing, even when used to view these web pages on an iPhone. Browsing in landscape mode using the directional pad to the left of the alphanumeric keypad is a delight.
The presence of a WiFi chip is very valuable when you are prompted to load the larger sites. Connecting to a WIFI Hot spot works perfectly, and the time for establishing a connection are fast enough. The management of RSS feeds is also supported. Subscribers to the Orange World TV bouquet can rejoice: the Nokia N97 perfectly lit the TV channels of the operator, which was not the case for the Nokia N96, which had not been recognized by the operator. The quality of sound and image are quite credible, and loading of channels is quite fast.


This application allows the mobile via a data connection, to automatically return the settings of some email accounts only after having informed his E. Mail and password. Sending and Receiving E. Mail is working well.
Can activate the "Push Email" (as possible in selecting access point by default, the data account on your operator) works perfectly.
Reading a E. Mail in HTML format is also very well managed, simply click on a link available in the E. Mail and Mail content is loaded into the mobile web browser.

Attachments to E-Mail can be read, thanks to many document readers embedded in the standard N97.
Use the keyboard to the seizure of a mail is appreciated, but it does not capture very comfortable.
Indeed, the keys are quite small, although they are sufficiently spaced to allow a seizure, even for big fingers. The pressure is carried out on each key is used to generate all of the shots required. But compared to the ergonomic keyboard of the Nokia e90, seizure can never be as fast and as accurately. In addition, the number of keys is smaller on the keyboard of the Nokia N97.
But the most annoying is when the Nokia N97 is placed on a desk: the selection of a button at the bottom of the keyboard (and therefore the aircraft) is a tilt of the Nokia N97 down. The reason is that the edges of the rear hull are inclined at approximately 45 ° to about 2 centimeters, which means that the edge of the rear hull is not on the desktop, and as the camera is not heavy enough to a counterweight, it switches to the slightest pressure.
Moreover, what is regrettable, like the excellent Nokia E90 is that Nokia has not added to the four corners of the hull rear four small rubber feet to allow the N97 d be more stable, especially when lying on smooth surfaces and prevent slipping (it can be annoying for GPS navigation, when the N97 will be placed on the dashboard of the car).

2 - Playback of audio files, video and radio

Like all Nokia N series, the Nokia N97 on board a variety of multimedia tools.


Playback of audio files can be done either through a menu displaying all the titles stored in memory, either through playlists created by the user, sorted by artist, album or composer, to provided that such information is available on audio.
The ergonomics of the music player is quite nice.
The sound quality is quite good in listening with the headphones supplied as standard, but it saturates slightly speakers, from a certain level of decibels.
The kit consists of a pedestrian is remote enough, and a 3.5 mm jack that can connect directly to most helmets on the market.
The audio output jack of the Nokia N97 is as Jack 3.5 mm. However, when the headset connects directly to an iPhone pedestrian on the Nokia N97, many crackling noise is heard in the headphones (a bit like if you listened to the radio on a frequency not allocated). As against the same connection via the remote supplied with the Nokia N97, and everything is in order.
Other music titles can be downloaded from Nokia Music Store.
A gift voucher to download 25 audio comes standard with your Nokia N97.


Playback video files in MPEG4 format (whatever their size) is quite successful, thanks to the large 3.5-inch screen of the Nokia N97, and its large memory that allows you to save many files.

FM radio:

The FM radio is also present.
To select and record the frequency of the desired radio station, two solutions are possible:
- By manual selection of frequency,
- Through an automatic search for stations.
Unfortunately, unlike some mobile brand, there is no link to the website that lists all available radio stations by continent, country, region and city, and allows some of the mobile brand, repatriate stations directly into the desired directory of mobile stations.
The reception station is correct.
The Nokia N97 does not listen to radio stations around the world via internet, as is the case on some models. Damage.

FM transmitter:

The Nokia N97 incorporates a FM transmitter, which, by selecting an unused frequency band (between 88.1 and 107.9 MHz) to enable any device with an FM receiver and positioned on the same frequency band within a radius of 2 meters, to listen to the music playing on the Nokia N97.

TV Out:

Like its predecessors, the Nokia N97 includes a TV output that allows viewing on a television screen photos, videos, ....
Unfortunately, the cable to perform this operation does not come standard with the Nokia N97.

3 - Taking pictures and videos

With Carl Zeiss optics, flash, an autofocus camera and a 5 Mpixels, the Nokia N97 is well equipped to produce beautiful photos and good videos.
Pictures taken with the Nokia N97 are average. In general the colors are well captured, the photos made the lack of details.
For against, in zoom mode, the information captured (business card, newspaper article, ...) are very credible.
The captured photos can be retouched with an integrated application in Nokia N97.
By selecting the menu "Options", then "show on map", the Nokia Maps application runs, and the location corresponding to the GPS in the photo is displayed.


Regarding the videos, the Nokia N97 is no exception ... at least on paper. Using the MPEG4 format by default for the capture of videos, the N97 takes quality videos rather average. If the colors are well rendered, the films lack of clarification as to the restitution of things filmed.

4 - GPS Function

With a GPS chip supported the A-GPS technology on the one hand, and a new version of Nokia Maps on the other hand, the Nokia N97 GPS is quite correct.
The first operation performed by me, was to check in the sub-menu "additional services" to activate the license attached to Nokia Maps Nokia N97, so it is combined with the license that I already have (for some users The SIM card is one of the two points of attachment of a license Nokia Maps, the first being the IMEI of a Nokia mobile), then I contacted Nokia technical service to transfer all of the license on the Nokia N97 3 phone calls in 3 days were necessary to achieve this, a record! (the last request made by me, was treated in 2 weeks).

The Nokia N97 incorporates version 3.0 of Nokia Maps mapping. The latter is, ergonomically speaking, easier to use.
Upon loading the application "Card", and thanks to technology-GPS (which allows a pre - positioning on the map where you are via a data connection, while the GPS chip catch at least three satellites), and positioning satellites is quite fast.
The visual on the screen are quite fluid, but the refresh of the information displayed on the screen is sometimes a little behind. Placement on map is quite accurate. For against, I found some small gaps, namely by taking a turn sometimes the pointer positions the mobile is displayed for a few seconds in a vacuum, and then is repositioned on the road that is followed. Weird.
In the bottom left of the screen, it displays the number of Ko exchanged via the network operator, the indicator positioning satellite (in the form of small green bars).

The voice is quite correct in the aggregate.
It is possible to visualize the routes to "2D", "3D" (view map in a more inclined) or hybrid (a mixture of 2D and satellite view).

Many points of interest are available, with the possibility to obtain information on all of - them. Unfortunately, the radar display is still not available on Nokia Maps!

Any position on the map may be in the form of bookmarks, each bookmark can be positioned within one or more categories (which are configurable).

Two navigation modes are available: pedestrian or car.
It is also possible to retrieve an address in a contact card. Correspondence information between the address of the contact sheet, and the search application by address in the "Maps" is proceeding more or less correctly (it all depends on how these are indicated in the information sheet).
The pedestrian navigation mode has not been tested this time.

Google Maps:

Other applications exist to identify on a map. Among them, Google Maps can be downloaded directly from the N97 on the site m.google.com.
Google Maps is the best in my GPS pedestrian at that date, and effective links with some directories are an interactive tool being unbeatable on the market.
Moreover, the basis of benchmarks (points of interests defined by the user) that is used by Nokia Maps is also available through Google Maps. Better still, it can also be enriched from Google Maps!

5 - Managing files

The Nokia N97 incorporates soft in its many readers Office files: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Acrobat.
Reading these files is generally correct, even if the postings on certain types of documents are always to be desired.
The bad surprise is that the reader can read the Acrobat file ". Pdf is free for 15 days, then pay later. This is the first time I see it on a mobile device, and most surprising on a mobile that price!
The files can be viewed in portrait or landscape mode, knowing that the sliding of the screen down shows the information automatically in landscape mode.

6 - Synchronizing with a PC

The synchronization of data stored on a PC with the Nokia N97 and the use of OVI requires prior installation of a new software platform, composed of numerous applications, "Nokia OVI Suite.
The interface has been completely redesigned compared with Nokia PC Suite, and the sum of all applications downloaded is supposed to allow the use and synchronization with a compatible Nokia mobile all services OVI.
The first synchronization of contacts, calendar, notes, ... with Ms Outlook has not finished, because the battery of the Nokia N97 was too low.
The bad surprise is that the connection to recharge the Nokia N97 is the one that lets you plug in the USB cable to achieve this synchronization. It is not possible to recharge the Nokia N97 and sync simultaneously via a USB connection.
So I tried to synchronize the data from my PC to N97 via Bluetooth, while charging the N97 and all my attempts to do so, and my 2 PCs (one with Vista, the other with XP) have failed miserably. Bizarre as the Nokia N96, E71, 5800 Xpress Music, ... had previously been synchronized via bluetooth no problem with the same PC.
This operation could not be made until the next day, after a night full recharge of N97, and via a USB connection.
Navigation in the memories and registers of the Nokia N97 from Windows Explorer works perfectly, like copying and moving files.

7 - Java applications, OVI

The first noticeable novelty at the start of the Nokia N97 is the presence of widgets on the screen saver.
A message appears on every boot of the OS to ask the user whether to activate the automatic connection (to download and then updating the information maintained by certain Widgets):
- Le Monde can display headlines from a dozen news which is updated continuously. Just select a new when it appears for instant access to the full article. Bien vu!
- Facebook revealed simultaneously in the form of banner the last three days statutes made by your friends, and intermittent status.
- AccuWeather allows the user to select one or more town (s) and to permanently display the weather is one of those cities. This application has worked only one day.
Other Widgets using online are delivered in the "Applications" of N97, and others will be soon available for download on the platform "OVI".
The question that arises, however, is - that the operation of these applications, which require frequent connections to the web, is the cause of low self-Nokia N97 ...?
The main criticism made is that the connection chosen at the start of the Nokia N97 can apparently not be amended, without turning off and then turn the phone.
In fact, when I turned on the N97 with me, I propose to connect to my default Wi-Fi Hot Spot, but it allows me to select any other connection. When the widget rafraichissement done and that I am no longer my home, and an error message appears intempestif permanently on the screen and let me know. The menu "Option" accessible from the home screen lets you modify the shortcuts and widgets desired by the user, but does not give the possibility to choose another connection.
Moreover, whatever the setting selected data for other applications, it is always the one chosen at the start of the N97 which applies for all other applications. No Top.

Some games such as Brain Challenge, "" Guitar Rock Tour ", come standard.
Other games can be downloaded, including OVI.

Other applications:
The Java engine of the Nokia N97 allows the installation of many applications.
Applications are delivered as standard by Nokia: "Calculator", "Active Notes" (notepad on which you can insert images), "Convert" (currency converter), "translator" (language dictionary), "Voice" "Player messages (voice reading text messages and email)," Podcasting "(manage and download podcasts), ....

The connection to OVI done by selecting the menu located in the main menu.
The site is entirely in English.
A banner at the top of the site contains sections and services: "Recommended" (application downloading, maps ...), "Applications" (download application), "Games" (downloading games), "Audio & Video "(download audio and video) and" personalization "(downloading wallpapers, ...).
Creating a user account under OVI (totally disconnected from the site "My Nokia") is mandatory, even for free download applications.
However OVI is not yet "iTunes". Nokia will have to expand its content and develop its services platform to make it more "flexible" and more usable from a mobile. But when we see how the Finnish brand has changed the user interface of the OS over the years, no doubt it will.

8 - Other functions of communication

The Nokia N97 is a very good phone.
The sound is good communication, either through the earpiece of pedestrian kit supplied as standard, or the speaker.
A call can be passed keypad open or closed (a microphone is also positioned in the bottom right of the alphanumeric keypad.
The audio or video files can be set as a ringtone.
The network sensitivity seems correct.
The autonomy of the Nokia N97 when it is not good at all. Using fairly reasonable multimedia (activation of widgets, 20 minutes of WIFI internet in 3G and 20 +, three synchronizations mail on two wireless messaging, about 20 minutes of calls, 10 minutes of games, and some small navigation in the menus) the Nokia N97 took less than 2 days.
Is it the fault widgets? ... Nokia - t - it comes standard battery too low enough compared to the energy needs of the device (as was the case for the N96)? ... Hard to say, except that it's not just the iPhone that needs to be recharged frequently, with the difference that the Nokia N97 can not be recharged via the USB port of a PC .

(Source: mobifrance.com)


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