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iPhone 3Gen: New Photo

Written By Kaisar Woll on 2009/06/03 | Wednesday, June 03, 2009

iPhone 3Gen 2009, the new iPhone 3.0 almost certainly be presented July 17 during the WWDC and the rumors have been shot, fake and real pictures and specifications of it. However, there are some pictures of the new iPhone 3Gen 2009 show that more or less as most of the leaders in mobile blogs say they will be more responsive screen, with greater response and more elongated with a 1.5:1 aspect. Matte black plastic casing slip instead of the current gloss, improved 3G connection and faster, up to 32GB of memory. The new iPhone 3Gen 2009 has built-in camera of 3.2 megapixel with video capture. And also improved GPS and digital compass. The new iPhone 3Gen 2009 will also have a longer life battery and FM radio.

As you know, Movistar has launched an urgent elimination of stocks of promotional items and discount price lanzamento anticipating the new iPhone 3Gen 2009. This confirms that another year will have the exclusive Movistar this device. But most of the current iPhone 3G owners can easily switch to the new iPhone 3Gen 2009 because the contracts of 18 months stay will prevent it. Now stay with Movistar's iPhone is 6 months.

New photos of the iPhone 3Gen 2009:


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  3. It has a pretty big screen. The texture and design are great. Do you have a list of its features? I wonder how big its memory is. Anyway, thanks for this great post. Really nice!

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