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Did You Ever Heard File Extension WBZ ?

Written By Kaisar Woll on 2009/06/02 | Tuesday, June 02, 2009

File Extension WBZ, do you ever heard it ? I do not. By browsing through the Internet, I know that File Extension WBZ is used by Webshot image format. This contain graphics file. WebShots is a desktop application where we can download many photos from their site and use it as our desktop wallpaper.

File Extension WBZ is a file created by a program called Webshots, which is a download from an internet page. It's an image file that is really un-user friendly, and there is little success with changing the file extension. It can only be opened with the Webshots program. Or, we can open the .WBZ file with Internet Explorer, then we can save the .wbz file format to another familiar graphic file format.

Still confusing with the File Extension WBZ ? Just visit www.fileextensionwbz.com to get more information about this kind of file format. They have complete article about WBZ file extension.


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