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OPhone, Mobile Phone with Android from Lennovo

Written By Kaisar Woll on 2008/12/18 | Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lenovo is reportedly preparing mobile phone based on Android operating system called OPhone. This smart phone is expected to be released at the beginning of next year. HTC G1 released in October and is the first device, which can operate using the Android operating system.

Picture of OPhone in the internet shows that this touch screen mobile phone is very interesting. It is estimated that Ophone can take the opportunity in China that not yet been penetrated by Apple. China have the largest mobile phone users in the world. Apple has been trying to collaborate with the mobile operators in China to provide the iPhone in that country for a long time. But so far Apple continues to face obstacles.

OPhone, which run with the Android operating system customized in order to appropriate with the China Mobile network, and is expected to treat the user desire that have to wait long time for presence of iPhone mobile phone.


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