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The Funny and Interesting Christmas Gifts

Written By Kaisar Woll on 2008/12/18 | Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas will arrive soon. It's time to prepare for Christmas gifts from now. Here i give you the 10 funny and interesting gadgets that you can use as a Christmas gifts to special people.

Rank 10: The USB Snowbot
A snowman robot that if plugged to the USB port, can produce voice and screen in it head can keep changing color. The colors can be changed. The price is $ 9.99.

Rank 9: Fiber Optic Christmas Tree
This Christmas tree light can be issued if the gadget plugged to the USB port. There are also surprisingly stars above. Can remove the multicolored light. Can be purchased for $ 17 at Brando.

Rank 8: Santa Webcam
As another webcam, the santa webcam is patch over the monitor and take pictures. It has a resolution of 640 × 480 pixels, 30 frames per second. Can be purchased online at Geek Alert at $ 10

7: Christmas Cake USB Hub
This USB hub has 4 ports. Unique shapes, such as Christmas cake. The gadget can be purchased at the Venue.

Rank 6: Santa Riding RC Heli
This RC Helicopter require 3.7 volt voltage and 60mAh of currents. Baterei used a combination of Li-Poly. Can controlled by infrared, can move up, down, right and left. Can be purchased at the Holiday tron at $ 29.95.

Rank 5: The USB Drumming snowman
The snowman drum beater can play Christmas songs too, the drum will also light when struck. Sold in USBnow for $ 8.99.

Rank 4: Digital Photo Christmas decoration
This gadget is made for hanging in your Christmas tree. The form is a digital photo frame, but is designed to Christmas tree ornaments. Can save 50 photos. The price is about $25 in EverythingUSB

Rank 3: Christmas Tree LED
This small Christmas tree require and take the energy from a 9 volt battery. The Battery also can be a mini passenger for this gadget so that it can stand with sturdy. Sold at $ 6.99 in crazyabout gadgets.

Rank 2: The Santa USB Optical Liquid Mouse
This is a mouse that fits a Santa fans. The Santa is in the mouse contains water and some other trinkets. So Santa is swim in the mouse. This Optic mouse is sold with the price of U.S. $ 17 in USBgeek.

Rank 1: USB Christmas decoration Kit
Here is the winner of the top 10 gadgets for Christmas. A computer with the decoration of Christmas smells. Consist of light decoration and many other Christmas ornaments. It sell in Brando at the price of $ 18.


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