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Travel in the BlackBerry system for businesses

Written By Kaisar Woll on 2008/11/20 | Thursday, November 20, 2008

Looking back. Or rather, starting from fundamental. Blackberry is not a producer of mobile phones, but the line of smartphones designed for business users, conducted by the Canadian Research In Motion. What distinguishes the line of Blackberry devices is the management of e-mail, optimized and made compact for quick dispatch and receipt. This development over the years has allowed the producer to achieve that end have recently begun to dispose of other advanced technologies, dall'UMTS all'HSDPA, including the touchscreen system completely, with the imminent (in Italy) Storm of marketing. Behind the scocche of various Blackberry behind the display and keyboard, the 2.0 megapixel camera and trackball, however, a question remains: how the e-mail system? First, we must remember a primary concept.

There are two systems of thought from within the RIM Blackberry system for managing e-mail. The first is BIS, the Blackberry Internet Service, designed for home users, which allows recovery of e-mail at intervals of no more than twenty minutes, unless you have provided an account (for example), Yahoo (for which you have to send and receiving real-time). The second system is designed for businesses. This is the BES, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

A provision of businesses of every size, with the aim of maintaining connected the various employees, managers, who have the ability to exchange e-mail as a safe and rapid recovery of communications. Precisely this system we have been told in detail by David Heit, the head of the Software Product Management of RIM. What has particularly wanted to focus on the range of possibilities available to the company itself, testing and integration of this system with other work tools. To turn the attention of those present at yesterday organized in London, was mainly the ease of managing the system by the administrator, who has the power to create working groups, but primarily to enable and disable functions directly on terminals connected to the network.

This is a simple, that takes place in remote, as well as all other inputs coming from. This, as you might think, under the prince can reduce costs, rather than distribute phones with sim normal business without direct control. Naturally, however, the potential of the BES pass from a reprimand to the employee, but rather the possibility of staying in touch with solutions already available and others that will be integrated with the marketing platform 4.1.6. The implied promise is to provide businesses a particularly safe, pointing out that this is not a replacement for PC or laptop (a "laptop replacement", as said by the same Heit), but more of an integration with other canonical work.

Canons and well established, if not obsolete. While RIM will begin to concentrate about private, with the market introduction of models increasingly capable of wringing the eye to the consumer, continues to pace the commitment in business. In which the producer, at least when it comes to managing e-mail, has yet to find an opponent with which to fight for the leadership.


  1. blackberry hp kaya gimana ya...(katrox)

  2. 642-8127:41 PM

    aku juga udah pake kok ;)

  3. Blackberry phones are very helpful and innovative for businessman who loves to communicate with fellow businessmen and clients. They have an e-mail system that most of the phones don't have. The design and compatibility of these phones are awesome. But Blackberry phones are also expensive that's why you see a lot of businessmen have these because they can afford it and it's useful for their business.


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