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Nokia Abandons Japanese Market

Written By Kaisar Woll on 2008/11/28 | Friday, November 28, 2008

The Finnish Nokia, as you know by now, is the world leader in the production of mobile devices. But that does not mean that his "domain" is unchallenged in every country on the planet, anything: there were, in fact, where the Nokia brand is very weak and has to deal with a very difficult competition.

One of the most complicated for the North European group is without doubt Japan, dominated by Japanese brands of high quality. For some time the European company is trying to carve a significant sector in the Asian country. News of yesterday, however, is the abandonment of that strategy by the group: Nokia has decided to withdraw from Japan, thus ending the marketing of mobile phones.

According to reports by itself, will not be a complete abandonment of the market: the giant will remain present in the commercial Japanese, but only with high-end devices belonging to the note range Vertu. The decision comes after the disappointing results of recent months, not in line with the expectations of the company.


  1. I like Nokia brand, but I hope this dispute won't give bad effect for the product.

  2. cuman orang Indonesia yang mau beli Nokia di Jepang...

  3. Finland Nokia and Japan Phones has a similarity despite their difference in design, components used. Their similarity is the durability. Japan and Finland phones are really durable. Even though some of it are expensive, no problem because it doesn't get broken easily.

  4. Kayaknya lebih bagus pabrikan finland


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