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Sony Ericsson C702 - THE TEST

Written By Kaisar Woll on 2008/09/11 | Thursday, September 11, 2008

Like its competitors Nokia and Samsung, Sony Ericsson continues to innovate, we regularly offer new mobile.

Absent in the field of mobile GPS, Sony Ericsson we gratifie its first mobile integrating a GPS chip, with a few bonus features associated with it, while Nokia launched its first mobile GPS ago nearly two years.
Sony Ericsson has lagged behind in this field, or the Japanese-Swedish manufacturer he matures before this technology to integrate it into its mobile?

With the C702, Sony Ericsson offers a mobile for the fighters, who most of us can surf, was announced as being resistant to splashing water and dust. This is very interesting…!

The Sony Ericsson mobile C702 is a piece that includes a TFT screen that can display up to 262 000 colors, a keypad consisting of showers spaced allowing seizure correct, a pad and shortcut keys (on the front), the adjustment sound and a button for taking photos (on edge right), a card reader M2 and a GPS chip (on the left-hand), an owner connectors (on the lower portion), a switch (on top ), An APN of 3.2 Mpixels with autofocus protected by a sliding cover and a flash (on the back side).

The opening of the casing is done by turning a screw to the left, but removing the hull remains difficult to make.

The power-up shows a bright screen gives a good display of information.

The main menu includes twelve sub-menus:
-- PlayNow
-- Internet
-- Leisure
-- Cyber-shot
-- Messaging
-- Media
-- Service localization
-- Contacts
-- Radio
-- Calls
-- Organizer
-- Settings.

1 - PlayNow
This menu allows you, via a connection Data, you connect to a site of the same name, in order to be able to download ringtones, music, games, ... fee.

2 - Internet
The Sony Ericsson C702 allows you to browse on all types of web sites or in portrait mode to landscape mode.
The display websites reduced size is correct. The display of larger sites is average, even illegible.
The web page starter by default created by Sony Ericsson is enriched by a new link called "Scoopt". The new service allows you to send Scoopt your photos and videos. Scoopt store, and then tries to sell these photos to the media, and you repay 50% of money collected on the sale of your achievements.
The management of RSS feeds is also supported. Setting a data account for connecting the web is very simple.Additional Java applications such as Gmail, Skype, Yahoo! Go can be downloaded directly from the web browser for the Sony Ericsson C702.

Entertainment and photos / videos

3 - Entertainment
This menu provides access to games, create videos (Video DJ), bells (Music DJ), edit photos (Photo DJ), to use a remote Bluetooth, recording sounds,…. Three games come standard: Brain Juice, Foto QuestFishin and MeBoy.

4 - Cyber-shot
Pictures taken by the Sony Ericsson C702 are average when the brightness is good and very bad when the lights are low.
As on most models of the mark, some settings are unavailable depending on the mode of taking photo used, which is annoying.
The photos taken can be retouched with the application "PhotoDJ" proposed standard. One of the new Sony Ericsson C702, is that photos can be geo-taggées, ie a detection satellite is made to launch the Cyber-shot application, and upon detection satellite made, all photos taken include the position of where they were captured.
When the application Cyber-shot starts, the right side of the four keys right to illuminate blue, because they correspond to four keys shortcuts available as the application is open: the shooting mode, selecting scenes , Activation / deactivation of retardant, and management of flash.
The videos are encoded directly to MPEG4 format. However, the quality of video is rather poor, especially when viewed on a PC.

Messaging and playing video / music

5 - Messaging
The menu messaging allows sending and receiving SMS, MMS and E. Mail, but also to retrieve and view RSS sites on which subscribes.
Sending and receiving SMS works perfectly.
The setting up accounts E. Mail is fairly easy to make, as long as we have the right parameters.
For the display RSS feeds, links are provided by default Sony Ericsson (Google, BBC, ...). This service works perfectly if they have an option Data on your package.

6 - Media
This menu allows access to all files stored on the Sony Ericsson C702, ordered by file type ": Photo, Music, Video.

Playing photos:
The display photos and images on the Sony Ericsson C702 is available in different forms: photo album (image file name), images (in the form of vignettes (3 lines),….
Photos can be viewed in portrait or landscape mode, with different zoom levels, including allowing a photo size to the size of the screen before the position as wallpaper, for example, or simply for amend and rework with the application "PhotoDJ", which shortcuts are available as an option.
In the menu "Options", a new sub-menu called "show on map" has made its appearance.
Without user guide comes with the C702 and lack of user guide available on the net, I suppose that this function is used to position the photo on one of two proposed maps on the C702: Wayfinder or Google Maps.
I tried to use this feature to position two photos taken during a satellite detection, but it has yielded no results.

Playing Music:
A reading of the music works well.
The ergonomics of the player is very pleasing to the eye. The photo on the cover of the album, the artist's name, title and the album are viewable when playing a title.

Playing videos:
It is from this menu that can be accessed from reading the MPEG4 videos, which can be read both in portrait mode, in landscape mode.
Despite the small size of the screen, landscape mode provides a good reading, whether in speakerphone mode, or with a kit pedestrian.

As on other mobile brand Swedish: when you leave the display of information in landscape mode without the prior reactivate portrait mode, sub-menus and applications appear in landscape mode automatically when we connects back to this directory.
Sub - menus "TV" and "Web Flow" are also available. I did not manage to make them work.

The GPS solutions

7 - localization Service
A first for Sony Ericsson, the presence of a microchip equipped with GPS technology "-GPS, which can be located more quickly using the network of mobile operator.
Wayfinder is installed on the mobile, and Google Maps. The location of mobile satellite is extremely long, which is surprising because of the presence of technology "-GPS".
The positioning on the card is not always very precise, and navigation is not working very well, sometimes there are loupés and recalculations of routes is not done forever.
A specific view can view the whole route on a map. A newspaper identified the different positions of mobile minute by minute.
On Google Maps, positioning carried out using the network operator is approximate. The GPS chip for the Sony Ericsson C702 does not seem to be used with this application. Weird.

Contacts and organizer

8 - Contacts
The contacts list of Sony Ericsson C702 can manage contacts cards very complete. It is possible to synchronize contacts, calendar and notes with MS Outlook via a PC.

9 - Radio
The Sony Ericsson C702 incorporates an FM radio RDS is working well, on condition that they connect a pedestrian kit. It is also possible to listen to the radio through the loudspeaker.
The service allows TrackID, while listening to a title, a record clip, and send it to a server which in turn communicates the name of the title and the artist.
It is also possible to send this information directly via SMS.

10 - Calls
This menu lists all calls received, issued, and missed.

11 - Organizer
This menu allows access to the management of alarms, "launch" of a video call, access to the agenda, the management tasks and notes, the synchronization (with a web server) and d other functions (timer, stopwatch, calculator, helps memory (for storing personal information).

Settings and quality phone

12 - Settings
This menu allows you to the main phone settings (profiles, sounds and alerts, display wallpapers or themes, ..., call options, Bluetooth connectivity, Data, ...).
Petit very nice: the ability to select a video ringtone default.
Exchanges via Bluetooth function quickly and completely, either in transmission or reception, and that, whatever the file size.

13 - Module phone
Concerning the making and receiving calls, the Sony Ericsson C702 is a good mobile phone.
The sound quality during calls is good, but on speakerphone sound saturates quickly.
The beaming of the network is good.
Autonomy is correct, but the use of GPS discharge the battery too quickly.

Promises and conclusion

14 - Other
Last very interesting aspect of this Sony Ericsson C702: resistance to dust and splashes. Unless I am mistaken, this is the third mobile proposed by Ericsson and Sony Ericsson to integrate these characteristics.
Only the water resistance of Sony Ericsson C702 has been tested: the C702 received a small glass of water on the head. "
Overall, it seems to have resisted, but the sound of the speaker appears to have significantly decreased volume.

GPS functionality with "A-GPS", Google Maps Mobile
Resistant to dust and splash (in accordance with the standard-IP54-Ingress protection)
Cyber-shot, Digital Camera 3.2 Mpixels with autofocus, flash and digital zoom - up to 2x, Lighting photo
SMS, MMS, Client E.mail
GSM 850 / GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900 / UMTS 2100 / EDGE / HSDPA , Video Blog
Dimensions: 106 x 48 x 16 mm, Weight: 105 grams
262 144 TFT color (240x320 pixels)
Memory: 150 MB + card reader Memory Stick M2 (up to 4 GB)
Talk time: up to 300 hours, Autonomy Standby: Up to 7 hours
Video Recording, Mega Bass, PlayNow, Real music - MP3, AAC, Stereo Bluetooth (A2DP)
RSS, Navigator Web Access NetFront, Java, 3D Games, Video streaming, Radio - FM radio RDS, Viewing Video, Modem, PictBridge, USB support, USB mass storage, Synchronization PC, Bluetooth Technology, Loudspeaker, Polyphonic ringtones, Vibrate, Video
Electronic Agenda, Calculator, Stopwatch, Contacts, Timer, Airplane Mode, Notes
Directory, Alarm, Tasks
(You can find the source here)


  1. This phone is pretty dynamic. The features are great including the trademark of Sony, the cybershot. It has the new GPS system but I guess this part is still tentative. The design is not that awesome but is very solid. Overall I think this is very nice phone. Thank you for sharing!

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  4. Its definitely an important issue that not enough people are talking about and Im glad that I got the chance to see all the angles.

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