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Mobile Payment, Local or Internacional Scope ?

Written By Kaisar Woll on 2008/09/15 | Monday, September 15, 2008

Now, the Koreans will raise the issue of standardization of this service to use the same throughout the world. For example, to travel abroad should be able to use his mobile as a tool for payment and it is necessary that the terminal payments, telecommunications networks, banking etc… are all compatible with each other. At the local level in France, at Orange, "we are a member of the SWOT (French Association of Mobile Operators) to ensure interoperability already" at the national level with the various stakeholders involved indicates Mung-Ki Woo.

Doug Chambers returns on other matters for the development of uses "non-contact" including ease of use. Because the applications are numerous, we discussed the m-payment, other uses are possible as shown by tests of the RATP. Indeed, Gemalto testing with the RATP since September 2005, paying his ticket from the mobile. Just spend his phone over the turnstile to validate its passage.

Byungki OH in Korean operator KTF adds other uses already available in safety (a few examples of services are presented in our special feature Japan:). It could replace the portfolio completely by becoming a passport, identity card, driving licence or a certificate of insurance. The mobile becomes a key to his house or his apartment. It is easy to imagine the personal applications but other professional applications can be envisaged as a tool to increase reading meters.

The benefits of contactless technology are many and lead to more productivity. An instructive example cited by Byungki OH, with the payment from his mobile, this operation takes on average after their analyses 15 seconds to a fund MacDonald, then it takes 20 seconds for a payment by credit card and 30 seconds cash (payment terminals bank cards today are compatible with this technology NFC). If we add all these second earned, the employee productivity gains! Another advantage with this technology NFC, Jerome Sion precisely that even the laptop off and without battery technology works. No risk, therefore, to find the door at home at the end of the day because the battery of his mobile has more juice. " In case the user loses his laptop, it is possible to stop the use of mobile card distance and re-activate a new card without needing to receive by mail a new credit card! It would be a smart NFC generic configurable and customizable distance.

The limits for the moment mainly reside in the lack of standardized technologies for mobile payments. Today, the GSM Association, Doug Chambers as its head, is committed in its programme of "Pay-Buy Mobile" to establish standards and meet global telephone operators, bank groups such as MasterCard to set place a comprehensive solution. This group will define the roles of each stakeholder in the chain at the international level. The GSM Association is working with the NFC Forum which brings together the majority of players involved in this project. The challenge is to define a real international trade policy for these uses be useful but also viable.

The next rendezvous NFC forum will take place in Monaco in April, discussions will focus towards standardization and economic issues.


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