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Xperia X1 Phone from Sony Ericsson

Written By Kaisar Woll on 2008/02/21 | Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's here, the XPERIA X1 QWERTY from Sony Ericsson. Yes, full QWERTY to make the most of that Windows Mobile 6 operating system. SE's new XPERIA brand will focus on multimedia and mobile web communication.

Combining a 3-inch clear wide VGA display and a full QWERTY keyboard within a quality metal-finish body, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 runs on Windows Mobile 6. The Xperia X1 lets consumers choose from a dynamic range of activities; from enjoying favorite entertainment content to working efficiently on-the-move. The Xperia X1's arc design gives a distinct and unique feel. Slide the screen upwards to reveal the wide pitch QWERTY keyboard. Its panel interface lets users browse the Internet, multimedia, and applications from a desktop with just the the tip of a finger. The Xperia X1 interacts in different ways, by touch, full QWERTY keyboard, 4-way key and optical joystick navigation.

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  1. bmw197611:02 AM

    Wah, ini sih mobile entertainment beneran ya?

  2. bewebowo11:03 AM

    komputer berjalan kali ya..

  3. It's a nice phone. I love the features. But I'm not really into Sony Ericsson. But still, that's a very nice phone. How much is it?

  4. waw it's a coll phone and smart too :O

  5. nampaknya nyaman dalam genggaman


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