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Sony Ericsson Satio Full Review - Part II

Written By Kaisar Woll on 2009/11/04 | Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Powering shows the beautiful screen of the Sony Ericsson Satio.

The home screen consists of five thematic tabs:
- List of favorite contacts
- List of web browser bookmarks,
- Screen Saver Classic (with wallpaper, date, time, network name, ...) and four softkeys shortcut to the telephone keypad to menu "Media" (photo, music, video) to email and to a search through Google.
- Viewing photos by date stored in memory in the form of slides,
- Shortcuts to certain functions (Profiles, WiFi, Bluetooth, Radio ...). The shortcut list is customizable.
The organization's main menu and submenus look like a mix between the menus of the Symbian OS, as it is integrated into the Nokia, and soft owner of Sony Ericsson.

Navigating through menus and sub - menus is fairly fluid, and response time are really quick.

1 - Internet and Email Management

The Sony Ericsson Satio enables Web browsing and managing multiple accounts of email.

Setting the data account under the Symbian OS is relatively simple.
The display of web pages, available in portrait or landscape mode is correct.
For cons, the sites above a certain size does not load. It's a shame.
Navigation within the web pages is done using the finger, which is quite handy sometimes, and sometimes less. A directional pad like the Nokia N97 would have been welcome.

The presence of a WiFi chip is very significant to save their data plan, and surf the web faster. Connecting to a WiFi hot spot works perfectly, and deadlines for establishing a connection are correct.

Subscribers to Orange World TV package can rejoice: the Sony Ericsson Satio bed perfectly channels the TV operator. The channels appear on all the beautiful mobile screen, making viewing very comfortable and very pleasant.

The menu allows mail sending and receiving SMS, MMS and Email.
The parameterization accounts Email is quite simple to make (especially for those accustomed to the Symbian platform).
Sending and receiving Email works well.
The possibility of activating the function push Email "works perfectly.

The use of three keyboards (numeric, alphanumeric keyboard and mini alpha-numeric) or handwriting recognition for entering an email or SMS is significant, and but the use of all of - them requires a little prior training.

2 - Entertainment: audio, video and radio

The Sony Ericsson Satio is well equipped to play music and video.

Playback of audio files is done through the menu "Media".
Titles stored in memory are classified into pieces, by artist, album, ....
A shortcut to the function "Play Now" (which allows, via a data connection to connect to the site of the same name, to listen, purchase and download music or tones) is also available.
The ergonomics of the player is, visually speaking, rather pleasant.
A link appears on the screen saver of the mobile when you leave the application music while continuing to listen to music. Good point.
The sound quality is quite good whether listening with the headphones supplied as standard, or speaker (to a certain decibel level).
The headset, which also acts as receiver, plugs into the connector via a Satio owner Sony Ericsson, which excludes all headsets or earphones equipped with a 3.5mm jack. Moreover, the fact that this connector is located on the left spine is not very practical for the ownership of the mobile, or to store it in a holster.

Playback video files in MPEG4 format (whatever their size) is very nice, especially with the size, quality and screen size of Sony Ericsson Satio.

FM Radio:
The FM radio is also present.
The ergonomics of this application is of great simplicity, since only the frequency of the tuned station is viewable.
The receiving station is correct.

3 - Taking pictures and videos

Equipped with a flash, autofocus and an APN of 12.1 Mpixels, the Sony Ericsson Satio is very well equipped to make good photos and good videos.

Pictures taken with the Sony Ericsson Satio are quite good, and colors are restored.
For cons, I found a few pictures taken, some details may lack finesse.

Several types of shots are available:
- Normal,
- Panorama (to automatically large panoramic photos. Three images are captured sequentially and connected them to form a larger photo Seamless)
- BestPic (for capturing moving objects quickly. This method is nine shots in quick succession early in order to choose the best)
- Detecting smiles (when the topic of focus smiles, the camera automatically takes a photo)
- Touch Screen (a white border appears to fill carry a tune with the fingers to take a picture).

Images can be captured géotagguées, that is to say that the GPS coordinates of the approximate location at which a photo was captured is stored in the file created for each capture.


The quality of video captured by the Sony Ericsson Satio is correct throughout, but nothing more.
When a movie has been captured, two files are created in memory: a file format ". MP4" which contains the video, and a file ". THMs, which is the format used by the PSP to enable the display screen of a shortcut icon to the corresponding video. PSP owners will appreciate!

4 - The GPS function

With a GPS chip technology backed by A-GPS, maps Wisepilot (the same as that incorporated in the LG Chocolate BL40) and Google Maps, Sony Ericsson Satio is ready for navigation.

Submitted with menus in English, Wisepilot small application is very friendly and simple to use ... subject to having some small knowledge of the language of Shakespeare.

During the validation of every search conducted, an intermediate screen appears with the display of the desired address, the distance and time depending on the method used (by air, by car or on foot, then the position (longitude and latitude) of that address.

You can then either launch the browser, or save this address to your favorites ....
The voice navigation is in English by default, but other languages can be downloaded directly from Satio.
Many points of interest are accessible, both in consultation, as for navigation.
This mapping is quite pleasant to use, but I believe it is less than Nokia Maps, Tomtom or Garmin.

5 - File management

The Sony Ericsson Satio includes many readers of office files: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Acrobat.
Reading these files is very correct throughout.
The bad surprise is that the reader can read the Acrobat file. Pdf is free for 15 days and then pay.

6 - Synchronizing with a PC

The Sony Ericsson Satio is shipped with no CD, which portends the worst when how to synchronize your PC (with Outlook) on his mobile.

However, when the Satio connects to a PC via the USB cable, an online connection from the PC is automatically launched, and a minute later, a message appears on screen to suggest downloading the latest version of Sony Ericsson PC Suite.

Once downloaded the application, there is more to set the criteria for synchronization, and start the synchronization.

Before starting the first synchronization, a message appears on the PC screen asking the user if he wants to prop up the date of Satio time on the PC instead ... well seen, as it avoids the inconvenience known with the LG Chocolate BL40, where all appointments are off by one hour due probably to a management style different time zones.

The data were partially synchronized with MS Outlook in the first place. It took three times resume synchronization for the data in the calendar are synchronized.

The bookmarks were not synchronized.

Navigation in the memory spaces and registers the Sony Ericsson Satio from Windows Explorer works perfectly, just like copying and moving files.

7 - Java Application

The Sony Ericsson Satio includes games and other Java applications as standard: Fecebook, YouTube, Worldmate, Sudoku, Labyrinth, Clock, Google, ... some of which require a data connection.

The engine of the Sony Ericsson Java Satio allows installing other games and applications.

8 - Other communications functions

The Sony Ericsson Satio is also a very good phone.

The sound is good communication.

The audio or video files can be set as a ringtone.

The network sensitivity seems correct.

The autonomy of the Sony Ericsson Satio is correct, since it easily reached in two days using often enough multimedia features.

The Sony Ericsson Satio can be recharged via the USB port of a PC.


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  2. The first thing I noted was that there isn’t any Macro mode option, instead the Satio is smart enough to focus to close distances on the Automatic capture mode itself. That’s one less key to press before taking some pictures.

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  6. This is definitely not possible. Mobile operating systems aren't just like a computer where you can install any OS you want. It has firmware files were it has system files for the camera, the screen, the buttons of the phone and etc. The OS must fit the phone's specifications.

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  22. This is definitely not possible. Mobile operating systems aren't just like a computer where you can install any OS you want. It has firmware files were it has system files for the camera, the screen, the buttons of the phone and etc. The OS must fit the phone's specifications.......................

  23. Sony Ericsson Satio has so many classic features like: Synchronizing with a PC, Java Application & games, Flash, Autofocus and an APN of 12.1 Mpixels, Audio, Video and Radio etc. Everyone like it.

  24. Sony Ericsson’s slick new skin for the Xperia X10 might be headed to Symbian phones, but anyone hoping for a bit of backwards compatibility with the Sony Ericsson Satio had better guess again.

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  31. Both microSD card slot and standard, for the manufacturer, charger port (instead of microUSB) are on the left hand side, while camera shutter, mode switcher and gallery access buttons are clearly visible on the opposite side. Volume rocker is used to zoom in and out on things as well.

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