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Nokia N97, Video The Making Of

Written By Kaisar Woll on 2009/06/01 | Monday, June 01, 2009

Nokia has released a video to promote the N97 smartphone, but not from its features, but from the product concept and the steps that led to the conceptual Finnish firm to build the Nokia N97. Before viewing the video is important to remember that Nokia N97 is a device which is characterized, among other things, for its full QWERTY keyboard, 48 GB of storage capacity (32 GB internal memory plus 16 GB of memory on microSD card expansion) . Nokia N97 also includes a camera with optics 5 megapixel Carl Zeiss high quality, capturing video with a 16:9 DVD quality, and GPS Maps, Share on ovi services on HSDPA and WLAN, etc..

The new video from Nokia says that the object of desire of the Nokia N97 is the emotional experience. Are very subjective. That click, thanks to the perfection of its construction occurs when the device is closed, for example shows the value of the technological quality and differentiation. The video shows how they have worked with experts from around the world to achieve an overall concept. The simplicity of detail, as it only comes in white or black. The quest to create a system that facilitates the connection of people to people, or facilitate the search for things via mobile web-services. Very interesting.


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