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Characteristics of HTC Hero

Written By Kaisar Woll on 2009/06/05 | Friday, June 05, 2009

HTC Hero shows their main characteristics through a promotional video and demonstration. The two main developments can be observed are the adoption of the new user interface called Android-Rosie-which I have already talked about in another post HTC Hero, and the role of complete rotation of the accelerometer that lets you view an image in vertical format or horizontal planes in the four-turn this 3G device.

The new HTC Android Hero, as the promotional video, a cellphone is positioned as a focused target youth. The first images show that the mobile is a color (make a clear difference with HTC G1 - HTC Dream and the Magic whose options are either white or black). The music for the soundtrack and graphic animation that shows the music player will be a key element, but care is clearly leading miniUSB connector jack connection and not standard compatible with most of the 3.5 mm headphones . The video shows that the screen is touch-sensitive, which includes many new widgets and applications, the new accelerometer 360 degree rotation, GPS, camera, Internet browser, access to the marketplace for Android, and so on.


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