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LG KC780: New 8MP Slider Phone

Written By Kaisar Woll on 2008/11/06 | Thursday, November 06, 2008

LG Electronics Canada announces new KC780, a thin camera phone with 8 megapixels. Often only 13.9 mm, but with a large LCD screen 2.4 inches, LG KC780 is a slide phone handy and easy to use especially if you want high-quality photos: a lens certified Schneider-Kreuznach fact ensures close-ups and portraits of excellent quality.

Many of the technologies offered by the KC780 can exploit easily the most expressive of a person's face. The Face Detection function automatically focuses on the face of a person, allowing you to take pictures extremely sharp. Part of this function relies on the recognition system developed by LG smile, which can recognize the angle of the lips of the subject automatically adjusting the focus.

LG KC780 offers more innovative feature dedicated to the shooting of portraits, in order to obtain the best result ever. The Smile Shot feature automatically activates the shutter nell'attimo precisely where the subject is smiling so as to capture the best moment and Beauty Mode is useful to remove the imperfections on the faces so as to obtain images perfectly clean.

LG KC780 is also quite capable of shooting in the dark due to sensitivity to light that reaches ISO 1600: If a picture is too bright, the setting of SmartLight automatically corrects the LG while the image stabilizer ensures that the picture is clear and sharp even in situations handled.
With the camera of KC780 is also possible with DVD resolution video (NTSC): all video recorded by cell phone can be played on TV screens larger maintaining a good resolution.

LG KC780 is a phone that has the characteristics of the latest mobile phones: in addition to more advanced technology, including the Smart Bluetooth, which offers a range of new options to use when connected to a computer. The camera phone, for example, can be used as a webcam in conversations on-line in a radius equal to the normal coverage Bluetooth. Not only that, with Smart Bluetooth you can transfer photos taken directly to your computer, send and read messages more easily through direct viewing on your computer and, in moments of pause, you can play simply by moving the phone and enter the heart of thanks to the motion sensor.

The new KC780 will be on sale in Europe starting this month. Later will be distributed in the countries of the Commonwealth and Asia, including India, Thailand, Hong Kong and China.


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