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Nokia N78 in Cellular Phone Test

Written By Kaisar Woll on 2008/10/08 | Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Released in the wake of the Nokia N82, Nokia N78, which incorporates a new version of the Symbian OS, displays smaller than the latter, however, without being devoid of features, although it appears to be positioned a notch below the N82.

The Nokia N78 smartphone is a beautiful piece and very sober, very classy in appearance and very pleasant to watch. The ownership of mobile is good.

The front cover shows mobile headset, a camera for video calls, a light detector (to adjust the brightness of the screen according to ambient brightness), a large screen and a pad (the central part is sensitive), a gray button located to the right of the pad, a "keyboard" materialized by four lines that exceed the hull. No visual indication on the description of the keys is perceptible.

On the installment right, we visualize a key shortcuts to the camera, two buttons for adjusting sound, and a speakerphone.

The right portion contains a proprietary connector to connect the USB cable, a cache (impractical to handle) to access the memory card, another connection to connect the charger and a speaker .

The upper incorporates the "ON / OFF of the device and a connection type Jack 3.5 mm to connect a headset or other earpiece. The lower allows access to the microphone.

The reverse side can view the AFN Nokia N78 and the diode acting as flash.
The casing is not very easy to extract. Moreover, there is a little Thursday when it is "clipped" on the device.

Features N78

GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G/3G, Quad-band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz), Weight: 101.8 grams
Dimensions: 113 x 49 x 15.1 mm
Memory: 70 MB of internal memory card reader microSD memory
Nokia Battery BL-6F 1 200 mAh
Talk time: up to 260 minutes
Stand-by time: up to 320 hours
TFT QVGA (240 x 320 pixels) by 2.4 inches, with up to 16 million colors
Photo formats: JPEG / EXIF
Ambient light sensor (to optimize display brightness and reduce energy consumption)
Operating system: Symbian OS
User Interface: S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2
Java MIDP 2.0
E-mail (SMTP, IMAP4, POP3), MMS, SMS
3.2 Mpxels camera with Carl Zeiss optics, Tessar objective, autofocus
Up to 20x digital zoom
Flash LED / li>
Secondary camera, sensor CIF (352 x 288 pixels)
Nokia XpressShare solution (sharing photos from their capture by e-mail, MMS or Bluetooth).
Video sharing and video (3G services)
Geo automatic photo geolocation and the location of the shot on a map
Nokia XpressPrint solution
Supports OMA DRM 2.0 for music
FM transmitter (88.1 - 107.9 MHz)
Nokia Internet Radio
Stereo speakers
Digital Audio Player: Support for MP3/AAC/AAC / eAAC / WMA with playlists, equalizer and album
Synchronizing music with Windows Media Player 10 & 11.
With one click, rip your CDs, convert and upload music to your device with Nokia Audio Manager
System A-GPS (Assisted Global Positioning System)
Nokia Web Browser with Mini Map
Support for Web feeds (RSS)
Support Framework xSP
Access to multimedia content on your home network via UPnP compatible
contacts, calendar, to-do list, notes, recorder, calculator, clock and converter
Desktop Applications: Quickoffice and Adobe PDF Reader
Push to Talk
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b / g with UPnP
USB 2.0 high speed through a micro-USB connector
Bluetooth wireless technology 2.0 EDR
Nokia AV connector 3.5 mm
RealPlayer media player
Video formats supported: MPEG-4, H.264/AVC, H.263/3GPP, RealVideo 8/9/10, Flash 3.0


The power-up revealed a magnificent display of great brightness, and a fine display. The themes screen provided by Nokia are very much in the quality of the screen.

In addition, on the lower part of the mobile, the visual keys on the keyboard appear as soon as the lights under the buttons is activated. The Nokia N78 incorporates a new version of the Symbian OS, which makes some very nice small news.

From the first glance at the screen saver of N78, a change is visible over the Nokia N82: in addition to information usually viewable (icons shortcuts to applications, access to research information, activation and Disabling wireless, display appointments - you, the date and time) two new icons to access the application online sharing are accessible.

The main menu is composed of eleven icons (four menus and seven applications), instead of twelve normally.

Navigation in the main menu is a little confusing, even for a regular in the mark, as the organization applications and menus has been significantly revised compared to the Nokia N82.

The navigation menus and applications is correct (in terms of response time) but a small novelty in the OS slows slightly opening menus and applications selected during browsing. In fact, when you select a menu, a very nice visual effect appears when the sequence of menus.

The central part of the pad is sensitive, it is possible to move through menus by dragging a finger, but it does not work very well.

The main functions tested are as follows:

• Internet and the management of E. Mail
• Playback of audio files, video and FM radio
• Taking pictures and video,
• The GPS function,
• The management of files,
• Synchronization with a PC,
• Java applications,
• Other communications functions

Internet and Email

1. The Internet and the management of EMail:

Like its predecessors, web browsing and email management is supported.

The Web browser can view Web pages properly, account - given the size of the screen.
A pointer can select the links you want to view. A sub-menu allows viewing in landscape mode.
The overall benefit is correct.

Regarding the management of email messaging, no significant change compared to previous models, except the emergence of a wizard that allows information to be assisted, the main parameters of the message concerned E.mail .

E-mail synchronization is performed in an acceptable timeframe. Each email can be viewed as text or HTML (using the Internet browser), by selecting a link in the content of EMail. The keypad of the Nokia N78 is not the most convenient for entering text, but it remains correct.

Connecting to a WiFi Hot Spot secured or open access works well for both web browsing for the management of EMail. The management of RSS feeds is also supported.

Audio, video and radio

2. The music playback, video and radio FM:

Playing audio files works perfectly, as on all mobile range, whether with Headset a standard, or with speakers on either side of the mobile. The prize for connecting the headset is 3.5 mm Jack format, a format used by most headphones. Moreover, this prize is located on the top of the Nokia N78, which is handy for listening to music in a mobile situation.

The ergonomics of the music player is quite sober. A location has been scheduled for viewing the artwork of the title. Unfortunately, it is still not possible to visualize the pockets associated with audio files via iTunes. Too bad.

Users can create playlists and include titles. The songs can be viewed by artist, album, by playlists, by genre, ....

When selecting a video file, the application Real Player automatically runs directly in landscape mode ... and in full screen! The novelty is even more valuable than previous versions video is displayed by default or landscape mode, or full screen. Another new feature in the previous version of Symbian, all of a button as it is, automatically reducing the size of the video display on the screen, even when adjusting the sound. Well not in this version: the image is displayed in full screen.

Like all mobile FM radio requires connecting the headset (which acts as an antenna). A link to integrated menu allows you to connect to a dedicated site, and get all the radio stations of the country and the city where you are. Good point! The radio can be listened to speaker mode. The research station via a lookup works perfectly, and the presence of RDS is more significant.

Taken photo and video

3. Taking pictures and videos:

The Nokia N78 loads a Carl Zeiss 3.2 Mpixels (only) with autofocus, zoom and flash (against 5 Mpixels for the Nokia N82). Nevertheless, the photos taken are of good quality, whatever the shooting mode, or captured accurate information.

Photos can be viewed on the Nokia N78 from the "Photo Gallery", the "component photos, or file manager.

Videos taken directly encoded in MPEG4 format does not rest, but the quality of the videos is rather average.

Photos and videos captured can be shared online via services such as Flickr and Vox.

GPS Navigation

4. The GPS function:

Like most Nokia "Nseries, the Nokia N78 incorporates a GPS chip gives the technology a-GPS, allowing a pre-location of mobile base stations via the mobile operator.

The location of the Nokia N78 by at least three satellites is fast enough (usually less than ten seconds).

Nokia Maps mapping is quite pleasant to use. The car navigation mode works very well. The mapping is still free, but the navigation function when it is still paying. A version limited to three days still allows to test everything to get an idea.

To navigate and be guided to a place of his choice is easy: just find an address, to validate the address, then select the option "Navigate to." It is also possible to view the route to the address information, but also to conduct a simulation of the journey to this address: the visual and vocal provided are similar to those found during browsing.

Managing files and applications

5. The management of files:

The viewing files office is fairly average, account - especially given the size of the screen.
Small novelty: it is possible to access these documents change ... but only after buying a license to access this option.

6. Synchronization with a PC:

The synchronization of contacts, calendar, notes with MS Outlook works perfectly, both via Bluetooth, with the USB cable standard ... just as the transfer of files between the Nokia N78 and the PC, using the 'Windows Explorer.

7. Java applications:

The Nokia N78 incorporates some standard applications such as a calculator, clock, calendar, ....
Other games running Java applications can be downloaded.

8. Other functions of communication:

The module of the Nokia N78 phone works very well. Sound quality is good communication, including mode loudspeaker. The beaming of the network is correct.

One "very large" negative point was raised: When receiving a call from one of my contacts whose number is stored in memory in the phone, the name of the issuer of the call received only displayed on the screen, only the number can be viewed.
After conducting some research, it appears that this is because the telephone numbers stored in my contact sheets are a spaced every two characters (xx xx xx xx xx). But it turned out that removing these spaces, the problem has been resolved.
I do not know if a single feature of Nokia N78 or a novelty of the new version of the Symbian OS, but in any case I do not see myself changing phone numbers over 460 contacts to circumvent the problem!

Sending and receiving files via Bluetooth worked fine. Little more than the new version of Symbian: it is possible to establish a list of equipment blocked, ie Bluetooth devices with which it does not wish to make exchanges.

(You can see the full test in MobiFrance)


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