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Samsung i900, Player Addict, also called Omnia

Written By Kaisar Woll on 2008/09/22 | Monday, September 22, 2008

The competition here was good that it pushes manufacturers to leave its best and prove they are in the race for innovation. The champion at the moment is surely the iPhone 3G pulling behind him the highest marks. Samsung is no exception and takes the dead teeth in introducing the much anticipated i900 Player Addict. This is it able to compete with the best-selling Apple?

All manufacturers of smartphones dream of selling millions of units of a model lighthouse. Apple has managed this feat with the iPhone 3G multimedia phenomenon with nearly 7 million units sold in 7 weeks and manufacture of almost 800 000 copies per week.

These figures obviously boostent manufacturers fourbissent their weapons by offering innovative models or incorporating some ideas of their competitors.
Thus the book Samsung i900, or Addict Player, also called Omnia on the other side of the Atlantic. The appearance of the machine is not without thinking of Apple smartphone. Its dimensions of 112 x 56.9 x 12.5 mm are quite close, like its rectangular form factor with rounded corners. Slightly more compact than the iPhone, the i900 is however much lighter with 122 g.
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The Samsung i900 is a smartphone "all inclusive", ie that integrates 3G connectivity, HSDPA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g, GPRS / GSM, USB, EDGE, and a chip A / QUALCOM GPS and a digital camera of 5 megapixels including an FM radio RDS.

The button is placed on top and the owner, a trapdoor hidden by the appearance of the most fragile, is located on the left. Regret once again that Samsung is not decided to adopt a mini USB!

This prize also hosts the earphones houses very good.

The large rectangular screen offers a specific resolution Wide QVGA 240 x 400 pixels that fits perfectly all embedded applications. In contrast to the iPhone which only a single button on the front, the Samsung has a multidirectional navigation pad which resumes with happiness optical mouse already on the i780 of the mark, surrounded keys taken and End of Appeal.

The right-greets slice volume keys and a shortcut key to the main menu, a launcher "home" (((launcher1.tiff). This is one of the advantages that Samsung has always propose integrations Windows Mobile The most successful back home removable battery and the SIM card and a facility allowing a microSD memory expansion up to 32GB! Regret however that we remove the battery to insert these cards ...

This phone does not touch pen in its hull. It will if necessary take it with you, the end of the strap for this purpose, which is not very practical. That said, there is going willingly of this appendix because Addict Player is designed to forget this accessory that will soon be regarded as an antiquity, the finger doing as well if not better.

As such, the Start menu offers a wide menu and click easily with the tip of the index or thumb. Samsung has carefully worked his interface device that allows you to switch between stylus. This is the major mode of Windows Mobile overlays we are trying to dress and even to forget ...

The Samsung i900, equipped with 8 or 16GB of memory, running Windows Mobile version 6.1, which is superimposed an interface Touch Wizz very pleasant to use. This haptic interface that each pressure on the screen is accompanied by a slight vibration, like a force feedback. In practice, this effect is most practical and even allow strike faster. Attention, however, not to abuse the risk of over-stretching the battery Li-ion 1500mAh.

The 128MB of RAM is however a bit "stingy" and deserved to be doubled.
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The Addict Player can play the acrobats. By tilting, it changes the orientation of its display with the accelerometer on board. The shift, automatic or manual, comes with an effect to choose among the 6 options in the menu screen rotation parameters. The i900 is also equipped with a light sensor that automatically adjusts the backlight according to ambient brightness. Machinery and trimmed ranks smartphones the most "in" the moment ...

What surprises in the first ignition Widget is the theme proposed by Samsung. The brand is the first deal to allow the display of choice by dragging icons proposed in the tape left to the screen. A nice technical feat and the first one before. The tape left scrolls from top to bottom and vice versa by dragging a little finger more or less, like the iPhone.

By switching the machine horizontally, one reaches a new office in the blank what can be free to put new shortcuts from the tape widgets. Samsung has invented the first virtual office in two separate instances, as the device is placed horizontally or vertically!

If the subject is no longer Widget can be free to change the way the Today screen is arranged by choosing among the elements proposed by Samsung. Today Samsung style 2 has our preference because it allows a quick and efficient navigation in the main menu of the machine.

A click on the soft key menu at the bottom right displays 12 icons of the main shortcuts i900. This is particularly successful navigation and the camera reacts quickly to any solicitation, thanks to the excellent Marvel PXA312 processor running at 624 MHz.

The machinery of this test we have been delivered naked, our GPS tests were conducted with McGuider of Sygic, while Player Addict sold by SFR is logically available with SFR Navigation. The sensitivity GPS is good but not exceptional, and the fix is very fast including through the download of predictions, making the camera almost immediately operational. The use of MCGuider is a real pleasure on this smartphone, with clear instructions given by the speaker on the front of the camera.

The Player Addict is a very well-supplied. In addition to its overlay software particularly well done, the device allows you to browse among the applications installed in the scrolling of a slipped finger, more or less rapidly ...

Even with its specific WQVGA display of 400 x 240 pixels, the Samsung allows a very correct surfing, with loading pages very fast with 3G.

One of the strengths of ECTT emachine is undoubtedly its input mode. It is also easy to move from t9 to the seizure by letter with a very comfortable keyboard.

In addition to the Samsung Today elements 1 and 2 proposed in the settings of the screen now making it easy to use i900, the device is well equipped praticulièrement. This smartphone is one of the few to be DivX certified and it is true that he has read all the films that his memory of an elephant was welcome. The machine offers a media player, Touch Player, compatible with many formats (DivX, Xvid, MP4, WMV, H.263, H.264). Otherwise satisfy the most demanding of us.

The camera is one of the most successful of its kind. With a 5 megapixel sensor auto-focus and flash, it is also equipped with a stabilizer, has a macro mode, can detect faces and allows geocoding photos with their GPS.
If it still does not compete with dedicated camera, it sort uniquely its own game and his photographs are more than correct.

The many settings of the flash of the Development (auto, macro or portrait), the white balance, brightness, preset modes (portrait, landscape, sport, and feast inside, beach / snow, sunset, dusk and dawn, autumn colors, night, fireworks, text (!), candle and backlight (whew!)) make a nice gadget, quite effective. Similarly, 6 sizes of photos, 2560x1920 to 320x340 pixels cover most needs.

The camera also serves as a player card, or scanner cards. Indeed, it is enough to fit a card for the camera detects edges and photography map before making a recognition of characters to be included in the address book! Jolie feat achieved by Samsung will forget scanners pockets dedicated to this function.

Samsung clearly demonstrates its ambitions with the i900 very successful. The device is attractive and integration of software components house successful. It nevertheless suffers disadvantages of Windows Mobile and management of its memory. The haptic interface is a real plus, and scrolling a little lack of accuracy and response. The Player Addict is clearly an excellent choice and shows the path that will take the competitors in search of novelties.

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(Source: MobiFrance.com)


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  3. @adi : setuju mas

    @budi : ya jelas bisa mas, malah koneksinya sudah mendukung 3G dan HSDPA. Kemungkinan internet anda ga nyambung bisa saja dari settingan operator anda yang belum pas

    @tyar : mbak, ini tisu buat lap iler-nya, aku juga udah pake kok..:)

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