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Full Test of LG KF-750 Secret

Written By Kaisar Woll on 2008/09/18 | Thursday, September 18, 2008

Created in 2005 by LG, "Black Label Series" a "materialized" the will of the Korean manufacturer to enter the luxury market, offering a range of products fashions, timeless, indémodables, built with quality materials.
After Chocolate, Shine, the first two models and best selling range, marketed respectively in May 2006 and February 2007, the Korean manufacturer we gratifie a third model scratched "Black Label Series", "LG-KF750 Secret ".

Having been somewhat disappointed by the Chocolate, I had once been the impasse on the Shine. But with the LG-KF750 Secret, which has positioned itself as a mobile multimedia openly, I do not have withstood the arguments advanced by LG.

Tribandes, EDGE, 3G, 3G +,Bluetooth 2.0, Weight: 116 grams, Dimensions: 50.8 x 11.8 mm x 102.8, QVGA screen self Rotary 2.4 "240 x 320 pixels (262 144 colors), 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, Clock, Alarm, Scripture intuitive SMS (T9), Calendar
Voice, Function handsfree, Synchronization PC, FM radio with RDS, MP3, AAC, AAC +, AAC + +, WMA, Management of MPEG-4 videos, Video, Video Player (MPEG4, DivX up to 640 x 480 pixels), Viewer documents (Txt, PDF, Doc, Ppt, Xls), Player microSD memory card (up to 4 GB), Automatic adjustment of brightness of the screen, Coating scratches, Carbon fibres, Messaging SMS, EMS, MMS messages, email, USB 2.0
Lithium-Ion Battery 800 mAh, Autonomy: up to 3:20 in communication and paused to 275h00

Each discovery of a new mobile is a new adventure, and LG KF-750 Secret is no exception.
The mobile cabinet is composed of a compartment containing the mobile, and several small boxes, each containing an accessory. Although seen, and above all very practical.

The LG-KF-750 Secret appears primarily as a beautiful object to the dark colors and classieuses enough, even if the contour of the front cover is composed of a "metal band" of color gray.
Composed of a hull carbon fibre ultra-resistant, a touch screen LCD 6 cm tempered glass anti-scratch, with leather finishes, the LG Secret is a beautiful mobile enough late-type slide-up.

The front allows you to see a big screen, above which are the earpiece, a brightness sensor and a camera for video calls, and below which there is a surface black and grey button and the other three buttons down the front cover: keys win / hang up, and the delete key.
In the open position, one can see the keypad and a large loudspeaker.

The mobile tower

The right portion incorporates four key shortcuts to:
-- Volume setting,
-- Access to applications tactile,
-- Access to a menu listing all open applications,
-- Taking pictures or videos.

The left portion includes a cache in which the connections owner, to connect the pedestrian kit, cable or USB charger and a notch to hang a thong. The lower integrates the microphone.

The rear provides access to the battery and memory card reader (located under the hull) and a diode acting as flash, the NPC of KF-750, and a sensor that can detect the inclination of mobile.

The grip of LG KF-750 is good. The quality of materials used gives a good impression of strength, but also justifies the weight of the mobile. The sliding of the slide is not very fluid, but it remains quite correct.


The power-up mobile takes the pressure now on the "hang". The start of the OS is fairly long. The quality and finesse display screen are very good. The sensitive buttons below the screen are viewed through a blue signs: two keys shortcut menus, buttons and four dialing directional pad.

The pressure on one of the keys sensitive directional pad causes a slight vibration of mobile, and training of several small circles around the blue button pressed, which is the most beautiful effect. Pressing the button gray in the middle of the directional pad allows access to the general menu, composed of twelve icons, the design fairly simple.

The first thing quite valuable in navigation, is that when you enter a menu to see sub-menus, the names of previous and following menus are viewable at the top of the screen. It is then possible to access them directly by selecting the key right or left of Pad. Bien vu!

Email and Internet

1 - Written and Data Applications

Setting a data account to connect on the web or manage accounts courier E.mail was not necessary, since the mobile tested, delivered in a box Orange, was already pre-set.

Messaging Email:

The LG-750 KF Secret includes a management application messaging E.mail fairly complete, with advanced features such as the "push" (which allows you to automatically retrieve her email, and the creation of assisted mail accounts hosted In some ISPs-strangely, no pre-setting is available for accounts Google-Mail).

The parameters of my GMail account has been in vain, because it was not possible to connect to the message center. I think this is due to the management of security settings, which require on GMail accounts, a very specific settings. It is a shame.
So I logged on the site "gmail.com" to download the Java application owner Gmail, which allows you to be able to read his email, a message informs me that no version is available for my mobile But I propose to download one in me that she can not work properly. Gagne, because each attempt to open an email, I am systematically redirected to the identification screen, to inform a new password.
This situation is rather bizarre, because in communication LG launch the KF-750 Secret, compatibility with all of the software suite Google is announced. Moreover, to my great surprise, google no application is available either on the motive or the installation CD mobile.
Last solution (folds) to view my E. Mail Google, the web browser of LG KF-750, and a small connection on the site "gmail.com", it works!

Setting a Yahoo was much easier, thanks to a pre-planned setting a standard.
The recovery E.mail has worked well. Damage, however, that one can not limit the number of E. Mail to recover during the first connection.
Indeed, with the 205 E. Mail recovered Yahoo, the opening of the inbox is extremely long, and exploitation of E. Mail virtually impossible - given the response time too high. It's a shame…!

Conclusion, the messaging application E.mail proved unusable, while the Nokia 8800 Arte, a mobile competitor with the same market positioning, performed this work without the slightest problem, nor on the use of messaging, or timeliness of the tasks required.

Web browser:

The web browser is capable of handling all types of sites. He is doing admirably well on the management of sites suitable for mobile, and the availability of a chip + 3G makes surfing rather pleasant.
The possibility of registering in a directory dedicated the content of Web pages viewed is quite significant, given that there are few mobile and smartphones providing this opportunity.
Management of bookmarks is quite fluid.
The fact to rotate the LG Secret in landscape mode automatically display web pages in landscape mode, as the famous Apple iPhone. The management of RSS feeds is also managed to standard.
The overall impression on the web browser is therefore quite positive.

Other uses:

The download Google Maps from web browser has made the world more just.
This is particularly with this type of application that the big screen and display quality of KF-750 become interesting.
Indeed, to see maps in satellite mode, to plot routes and head using the information provided, or save it as a bookmark where you are,…, LG KF-750 is perfectly able to manage the various requests. The only regret is that the navigation function is not possible through a geo-location of mobile antennas via relay operator.

2 - Multimedia Features

The reading of audio files works perfectly, and the sound is pretty good, whether via speakerphone or with the supplied earphones as standard.
The LG Secret readers includes two audio files:
-- The first is accessible by selecting a title from a menu "multimedia Album." The ergonomics of the reader is sober, and the information available are well-appointed.
-- The second is accessible from the application menu touch. The ergonomics of the player is rudimentary, but it was designed so that even large fingers can use the remote displayed on the screen (sensitive).

Access to music files stored on the LG Secret is accessible from several menus.

But the good surprise comes from playing video files.
The LG secret bed perfectly films and video clips in MPEG-4, either in portrait mode or in landscape mode, depending on the orientation of the mobile.
If the image is somewhat limited in portrait mode, we must confess qu'orienté in landscape mode, the LG Secret is more than credible video player, all through the screen size, as the quality and the fineness of its display.

Whether the kit with pedestrian or speakerphone mode, the sound is good.

The Secret LG also includes an FM radio that works reasonably well, but that requires the connection kit pedestrian as a radio antenna.

Small question: The Secret LG can - replace an iPod Touch on audio and video…?
… Yes and no…
While the Secret LG screen is at least two times smaller than the iPod Touch, but for my part I found large enough to view videos, and play music, and format of the camera is still more compact than the iPod Touch.
However, the memory of LG Secret may be extended up to 4 GB (against 16 or 32 for the iPod Touch), and its autonomy is unfortunately much reduced use multimedia, knowing that the LG is also a phone, integrates d Other features also very greedy energy.

Photo and Video

3 - Equity photos and videos

The optical located at the rear of LG Secret is billed as displaying 5 Mpixels with autofocus, optimized for capturing pictures improved.
With such promises, LG could not disappoint us.
The photos taken are generally of good quality.
The sound of the shutter of the camera is quite noisy. Apparently, it is not possible to disable it.

The videos taken by the LG Secret quality are quite correct, but strangely, they are directly encoded format ". AVI, which is rather rare models because competitors are using the format MPEG-4", and not very practice, because they can not be transferred and read in the state on another mobile see on an iPod.
In addition, the video could not be read on my PC, because I do not have the right codecs. It was therefore necessary to convert the prior MPEG-4 format using the software "PSP Video 9.

4 - Java Applications

The LG Secret offers many standard Java applications.

First games: two types of games are offered as standard:

-- Classic games published by Gameloft, but a demonstration version, the licence can be purchased directly from the mobile via a data connection.
-- Games using mobile 3D accelerator, grouped in a sub-menu called "M-Toy."
The characteristic of this last category of games is that games are available on the same principle (a little about) that the famous salon console "Wii", for example, for the game of darts, it is sufficient 'Motive tilt to the right or left to position the arrow in front of the target, which can be launched via a sudden movement forward. It's cool, original, but a little boring.

Côté application, none is delivered to standard, if not in the form of "extras" (calculator, unit converter, stopwatch).
However, it is possible to download applications directly from LG Secret, as Google Maps.

5 - Other features

The LG Secret bed perfectly most office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Acrobat), whether in landscape or portrait mode (depending on the angle of mobile).

The Secret LG is also designed to synchronize contacts and calendar with Ms Outlook.
After the installation of the platform and LG mobile driver's my PC, I had many difficulties to recognize the LG Secret by my PC, either via a Bluetooth connection, or via the USB cable.
It took many attempts before finally being able to identify the motive, and repatriate the contacts and calendar.
Moreover, the sheets contacts whose name is too long appear

in the directory of LG Secret as "user unknown". Weird.

The chip bluetooth works very well for sending and receiving files. But for some unknown reason, when sending successively, one by one, several files, it is necessary to wait at least a good thirty seconds between each consignment before access to the Bluetooth feature becomes operational. Weird!

6 - Module telephony

The LG Secret is a good mobile phone, with a good quality of listening.
The sensitivity to the network is quite good.
When one dials a phone number, from the seizure of the third figure, contacts with the number contains figures before, are proposed to the screen.

The autonomy of LG Secret is fair enough when using multimedia applications, but can go up to three or four days to use minimum.


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